TrueFalse  1.  I can tell the difference between when my body is thirsty and when it is hungry.


TrueFalse  2.  People consider me thoughtful and thorough.


TrueFalse  3.  I often see things other people overlook.


TrueFalse  4.  I have met people whom I seem to have known all my life.


TrueFalse  5.  I indulge in a daily ritual that leaves me relaxed and poised.


TrueFalse  6.   I enjoy alone time each day.


TrueFalse  7.  An internal compass seems to guide me when faced with important decisions.


TrueFalse  8.  Life is what I make it.


TrueFalse  9.  Dreams hold significance to the dreamer and sometimes many others.


TrueFalse10.  I consider myself a forgiving person.


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